6 ways to save Time in Your Day

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Here’s something I’m sure you’ve heard before… “There just isn’t enough time in a day!!”  That’s right.  we all need 37 hour days in order to be productive because 24 hour days are so 1990.  We have emails to answer and meetings to attend.  Our Instagram feeds need to be updated and our followers are dropping.  since the holiday rush is upon us, I felt it would be a terrific help to all if I compiled a small list of how to save time on a daily basis.  Because we all could use a few more minutes!

Cut Out web Surfing

I’m going to go out on a limb and say I’m not the only one who has this problem.  Some days of the week I work from home and I’m supposed to be writing.  before I know it, I’m searching a new Garmin GPS running watch or looking up what breweries are open at 2 in the afternoon on a Tuesday (not many are).  According to Nielsen’s total audience Report, Americans are spending one hour a day on the internet.  If we can cut that down to even 30 minutes, we’ve gained enough time to take the dog for a walk.

Cook Meals

Cooking food at home is not only more nutritious, but it’s also a big timesaver.  We typically get caught up ordering out because it seems faster and cheaper.  The result is having one meal that doesn’t last for the week.  Healthier home cooked options can be used several times.  For example, quinoa (which is easy to cook in bulk) can be a side dish, stuffed into a squash as a main meal, or even used in a smoothie for breakfast.  Grilled chicken, pasta, and even several vegetables can be cooked once and added to different meals down the line.  get creative!

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Wash Dishes After using Them

I’m so guilty of this. In my head, the larger the sink, the more dishes it can fit before I have to wash them.  My fiancé loves this trait about me…  The reality is, if I spent a few seconds rinsing out my cereal bowl on a Tuesday I wouldn’t need to spend an hour washing an entire sink full of dishes on Friday.

Turn Off The TV

The television is taking the life right out of us!  Well, that and cellphones.  I know for parents this can be an easy way to get the children to calm down.  believe me, if I could turn the TV on for my dog and he would stop bouncing off the walls I would.  Try using the DVR instead to skip the commercials.  This can save time and make it easier to skim off a few minutes during the show.

Prepare The night Before

Getting things ready before taking it in for the night is an easy way to save a few minutes in the morning.  If you plan on waking up at 5am to hit the gym before work, it’s much easier to have your clothes laid out and ready to go.  as opposed to trying to pick out your outfit with one eye still closed.

Use A Planner

I’m not sure how I survived before my iphone calendar…I also didn’t have 3 jobs back then.  listing daily activities that need to be completed is a quick way to have all your chores in one area.  It gives a sense of accomplishment when they are done.  Although I wouldn’t know what that feels like.  It’s also an easier way of being reminded to pay the electrical bill without having the lights go off…  save yourself a headache by keeping track of your precious time.

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