10 fall Fruits and Vegetables That AREN’T Pumpkins

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Seriously, how is it October already?!  Last thing I remember I was sitting poolside with a margarita in my hand.  now I’m ordering… PUMPKIN.  FLAVORED.  EVERYTHING.  There are pumpkin flavored treats, coffee, and of course beer.  We know that this squash is synonymous with this time of year, but there are also other wonderful options to keep in your kitchen this season.  here are some terrific foods to try out when you become bored with pumpkins (if that’s possible.) 

1.  Brussels Sprouts

I would think of they wouldn’t make as terrific a tasting beer as pumpkins do; however, these little guys are packed with fiber and vitamin C.  think of them as bite sized cabbages.  I enjoy grilling them or baking them in the oven, since it’s finally cold enough to turn that thing on. 

2.  Celery

“Ants on a log” anybody?  Celery sometimes gets a bad rap for lacking nutrition.  But, it’s an extremely low calorie snack to pair with items like cheese, peanut butter, and hummus.  It’s also a staple in many soups which are found throughout the cold weather months. 

3.  Horseradish

Without horseradish, this world would be missing out on two fantastic things – wasabi & bloody marys!!  Both of which pack enough heat to keep you warm when the temperature starts to drop.  This root is in season during the late fall and can be found in most grocery produce isles.  Or, you can grow your own and watch it flourish. 

4.  Artichokes

How else are you going to make your favorite dip when your pals come over?  This vegetable contains potassium and protein and makes a terrific addition to salads.  They can also be stuffed with healthy ingredients like quinoa or your favorite cheese.  

5.  Apples

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Another food that is synonymous with fall.  There’s hot apple cider, apple pies, and of course apple picking!  They make a terrific breakfast option, a mid-day snack, and a natural way to cure your sweet tooth. 
6.  Beets

This colorful root vegetable detoxifies the liver, fights inflammation, and even contains cancer preventing properties.  Raw beets can be used in smoothies and baked beets are a terrific addition to the dinner table.  Not only is the root ball itself edible, the greens they come with are extremely nutritious.  They can be sautéed with a vegetable medley or chopped into a salad. 

7.  Grapes

I have one word for this – WINE.  But, besides being fermented into a delicious beverage, grapes are also a terrific snack with crackers, cheese, and meats.  They are naturally sweet and make a terrific travel food.  and most importantly, they put the “J” in PBNJ. 

8.  Carrots

Thanks to Bugs Bunny, carrots are one of the most popular vegetables in the world.  Beta carotene has many nutritional benefits and carrots are filled with it.  They are another terrific root vegetable that can be used for anything from soups to roasts, and even dessert.  because carrot cake is amazing!

9.  Cranberries

This sweet cold weather fruit is a tasty berry that is more than just your mixer for vodka.  They contain anti oxidants and vitamin C to help fight off that inevitable cold that you will catch.  They freeze well and can be thrown into smoothies to add a little bit of tartness. 

10.  Cauliflower

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This is probably my favorite vegetable so the house is always stocked.  packed with protein, fiber, and potassium, it’s an all-around healthy addition to your diet.  Its versatility allows for odd uses such as rice, pizza crust, and even buffalo bites. 

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