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ठूलो गाडीको


I haven’t figured out what to title this week’s weekend reflection post. perhaps I’ll think of a great one when I surface writing. The week went by way too fast. It seemed like we had too much to do, which doesn’t make sense since this was our very first full week without our jobs. perhaps that is what I should title it.

Even though I did not have to get up early to go to work I’ve been very tired lately. I may be getting depressed again. however it shouldn’t be effecting me too much since I am taking St. John’s Wart.

I told myself that when I was done working I would work additional difficult on my blog. I wanted to start right away in November writing full time. yeah right, like that is going to occur when you have three kids that demand your interest all the time.

So I thought when would be the best time to write with the least distractions? At night of program when everybody else is in bed. I tried a couple of times this past week however for some reason when 11 ‘o clock rolled around I just might not keep my eyes open, let alone concentrate on writing. sometimes just staring at the computer screen makes me tired. now I am sitting right here at 8:30 pm with a long listing of story ideas to write. I am hoping to be able to stay up all night until they are done. हामी विचार गर्ने छौँ।

My kids are altering as well as growing way to quickly. I’ve told myself that I have to get the video cam out a lot more often. I regret not doing so. perhaps this week. sometimes I just get so caught up with housework, dinner, laundry, naps etc as well as I fail to remember about the small things in life. particularly those three cute little…stinkers tucked in their beds. I’d just love to spend a day relaxing as well as playing with my kids with the video cam running.

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Here’s an update on the little stinkers.

Courtney just had a religious decathlon on Saturday. They competed against seventeen other Catholic school’s in the Diocese of Sacramento. I didn’t even understand the answers to some of the questions. The holy household students got fifth place. I was very proud of Courtney.

Ciara is the energetic, always wanting to help, “I can do it myself,” entertaining two-year-old. She wants to assist with everything. This afternoon when the home was a mess she wanted to assist me do the dishes. That’s great, however I just don’t have the patience for that. Chris always has her assist with the dishes. however when my whole home is a mess as well as the dishes are just a simple 2% of the mess as well as I want it all cleaned up before dinner I just don’t have the patience for a Mommy’s little helper. Someday she’ll understand.

We think that Conan has several food intolerance. We already understand that he can not manage bananas. When ever we provide him the monkey food he just throws it up. This past week he’s been suffering from a terrible situation of the hives as well as a fever. When I googled several food intolerance bananas along with a few of Conan’s preferred foods were listed as typical foods that people can not handle. They can cause the hives, diarrhea, as well as even cause people to throw up. The website suggested that we cut those foods out of his diet plan for two weeks. If the symptoms don’t go away then we requirement to take him do the doctor. These are the foods that may be giving Conan trouble, citrus fruits, apples, bananas, cheese, tomatoes, chocolate, strawberries as well as avocado. So far he’s gone without those foods for three days. The hives are just starting to fade as well as his fever is gone. I’ll keep you updated on his progress.

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I assumption that was my week in a nutshell, or perhaps not in a nutshell. This post ended up being longer than I expected it to be. If you are participating in this meme don’t fail to remember to leave your links as well as comments.

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