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GOOD things I’VE found (OR have LANDED IN MY LAP)

Where to begin? So many things I want to mention today! top of mind for me are some of the awesome gifts that came our way during the holiday season.

Three biggest hits with my kids:

1- GALT Marble Run – build a track and send marbles down. Don’t bring marbles into your house if your kid is under 3, friends, but for big kids, I’d venture to say “best toy ever.”

2- mini American girl dolls – no way was I going to authorize any grandparent to spend $100 on a real American girl doll for my 3-year old; if she still loves dolls at age five, we can talk then. but she does so enjoy paging through that catalog and naming the girls, that when I saw the mini versions for less than $20, I suggested it to my sister. Scarlett received two and she loves them. They’re like Barbies, but without the body issues.

3- pillow Petz – What the eff? My kids have no shortage of stuffed animal friends, yet they embraced these pillowy things like they had never seen plush in their lives. They can be used as legit sleeping pillows and also have a velcro tab that helps secure them in a folded position so that they look more like the animals whose faces they bear.

Stuff I picked out myself:

1- alternative apparel babydoll top – No idea why this shirt is $6.99, but I put it on my wishlist and my mom bought it for me. I’m wearing it this very instant.

2- Expressive photography – Written by the Shutter Sisters collectively (ten of them, I think!), a couple of whom I know, this book is packed with photo tips and inspiring pictures. As part of my commitment to shooting photos of my life everyday, I have already been influenced by some of the tips. I might elaborate in a separate post in the future.

3-Donation – Not totally picked out yet, but my in-laws gave each branch of the family $100 to use on, a site that enables us to lend money globally with the specific goal of alleviating poverty. My husband and I will be able to find a project we want to sponsor and donate the money to the entrepreneur who needs the funds. कूल, सही?

Things I received for review

1. Okabashi flipflops. This company first got my attention with their offer for 12 shoes for $100. When I saw all the candy colored flip flops, I fantasized about having them in every color of the rainbow. I like me some flipflops. They are antimicrobial, so they’ll never get nasty, completely waterproof, so perfect for the beach/lake/pool, and get this – 100% recyclable. I accepted a pair for review and they are super comfy. I’m a convert. The regular price is $9.99.

2. double delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. I haven’t yet tested the recipes, but this book is a very cute gift: a spiral-bound cookbook with retro-style illustrations and extra-healthy recipes (Chocolate Bread Pudding includes a cup of carrot puree.)

3. Children’s place collateral. I’m not a huge shopper of this store, but they sent a box with these funny looking characters that I put in my kid’s stockings. The mailing, which successfully got my attention, included a hefty look book of Children’s place clothes that made them look pretty darn awesome. I was especially impressed by the trendy shoes for big boys. since white sneakers are against my style rules, these were appealing.

Links of interest:

5 everyday staples for a winter day with a toddler from Ohdeedoh

Photo tip on backgrounds and locations from Lil Blue Boo

Yellow pages booster seat that made me laugh via Mamaista

Breastfeeding-friendly locations to find on your cell phone via Bravado (simply visit that link from your mobile phone.) is a collection of stuff to register for that is gender neutral. I like this onesie from Jasper Hearts Wren.

Babybuilding 101 is an exercise DVD that focuses on using your baby as a weight. Click through to admire the biceps of the women depicted on the website. They must have very heavy babies!

New moms grow bigger brains! from science Daily Clearance Sale: savings of up to 50%. No promo code needed.

That’s all the linking I have in me right now. Whew!

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